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Software Domínio Público no formato lpp para AIX 4.1.x

Colaboração: Rubens Queiroz de Almeida

Data de Publicação: 15 de Abril de 1997

A dica de hoje é extremamente útil e interessante e pode facilitar bastante a vida de administradores de sistemas AIX. Foi enviada por uma assinante da lista que prefere permanecer anônima ;-)

No site, podem ser encontrados vários aplicativos freeware e shareware já pré-compilados e no formato apropriado para instalação utilizando os softwares do AIX de controle de software.

Desta forma, tanto os softwares comercializados pela IBM quanto os demais estarão registrados no banco de dados ODM (Object Database Manager) e podem ser instalados e removidos (installp) e listados (lslpp).

Os softwares são instalados sob o diretório /usr/local. É criada uma nova categoria chamada freeware. Vejam abaixo um exemplo de saída do comando lslpp em uma máquina onde foram instalados os softwares lsof, monitor e wu-ftpd:

  [/u/queiroz]lslpp -L free*
    Fileset                      Level  State  Description
    freeware.lsof.rte    C    List Open Files
    freeware.monitor.rte    C    Performance Monitor Program
    freeware.wu-ftpd.rte    C    Washington University FTP server
  State codes: 
   A -- Applied. 
   B -- Broken. 
   C -- Committed. 
   O -- Obsolete.  (partially migrated to newer version) 
   ? -- Inconsistent State...Run lppchk -v. 

A seguir incluo o arquivo de instruções para uso desta facilidade e a lista dos software disponíveis.

  This file describes how to install freeware and shareware utilities
  for AIX v4 delivered in ".exe" files. These installation instructions
  will use the example of the package lsof-
       1) Download the package required (check the README.txt for a
  	description of what each package contains).
       2) Change the file modes so thet the package is executable and,
  	as a non-root user, execute the package as shown in the
  	following example:
  		$ chmod +x lsof-
  		$ ./lsof-
  		Archive:  ./lsof-
  		  inflating: lsof-
       3) Log in as root and use the following commands to install the bff file
  		# rm -f .toc
  		# smit install_latest
       4) When smit asks for the "INPUT device / directory for software", type
  	in the name of the directory where the file is stored (or just
  	answer with . if the file is in the current directory), and then
  	type RETURN.
       5) When the next set of menus are displayed, use F4 to generate a list
  	of packagesin the directory. Use F7 to select the LPP to install and
  	press RETURN to finish choosing. Keep the default values for all the
  	other choices, and press RETURN twice to start the install.
  The LPP is now installed.
  To use the utility the directory '/usr/local/bin' should be in your $PATH,
  which can be changed for all the users in the file /etc/environment
  The environmental variable "MANPATH" should also be created for all the
  users by adding the following line to /etc/profile:
  	export MANPATH=/usr/share/man:/usr/local/man:/usr/dt/man:
  Some LPPs require additional modifications to the machine or to the
  environment. Please refer to the README or INSTALL files delivered with the
  To list all the files installed by the LPP, use the command
          lslpp -f "freeware.lsof.*"
  For example to find all the README files delivered by all the freeware
  and shareware LPPs on the machine, use the command
          lslpp -f "freeware*" "shareware*" | grep -i readme
  	The packages on this server have been compressed using "zip", a
  	powerfull freeware compression tool that uses the same compression
  	algorythm as "gzip", but uses the file format of PK-ZIP (a PC
  	compression tool).
  	The zip-files generated by the Unix tool "zip" are compatible with
  	pkzip zip-files.
  	To decompress (unzip) the .exe files on this server, no additional
  	tools are required. All the files are packaged as self-decompressing
  	zip-files. Simply copy the ".exe" file to your disk, set the file
  	modes to allow execution, and then execute the file to extract the
  	".bff" file it contains. This can (should?) be done without being
  	These .exe files are generated by concatenating a tool delivered in
  	the "unzip" package with the zip-file containing the .bff archive,
  	as follows
  $ cat /usr/local/bin/unzipsfx > lsof-
  	"bff" stands for "Backup File Format", which just means that the
  	file was creaded using the AIX "backup" tool and can br read using
  	AIX tool "restore".
  	Under AIX, the standard product packaging system uses the BFF
  	format. However additional information about the individual files
  	delivered in the product are included inside the BFF package. This
  	packaging is said to be an LPP. LPP means "Licenced Product Package",
  	but in the case of freeware the concepts of "licence" and "product"
  	very different from what IBM planned in the beginning.
  	The freeware and shareware on the servers
  	and are packaged as LPPs. Once the file on the
  	server has been decompressed, it can be installed using the standard
  	AIX installation techniques. The tool used to generate these LPPs
  	is called "mklpp". It is a collection of simple shell scripts plus
  	a makefile, which can bu uesd to male an LPP with any name, but it
  	is "optimized" fo package freeware and shareware tools.
  	AIX LPPs contain checksums for all files delivered in the LPP. These
  	checksums are automatically verified during the install. These
  	checksums are delivered with the LPP so it is possible, though
  	relatively complicated, to change the checksum to fit the a modified
  	The best way to ensure that the LPP has not been modified would
  	be to generate a PGP fingerprint for each file and deliver it with
  	the LPP. Unfortunately this is not possible since the LPPs were
  	developped in France wheer PGP is illegal.
  	The next best way to verify that nothing has been modified is to
  	check the MD5 checksum. The MD5 checksums for all the BFF files
  	is in the file MD5.txt. These checksums were generated using the
  	"siggen" tool in the "tripwire" package.
  Good Luck
  Packages     Version   Description
  asedit         1.3.2    X editor build around Motif text widget
  archie         1.4.1    client version of archie.
  aXe            6.1.2    Text editor for X11
  bash           1.14.6   GNU Bourne-Again SHell
  bison          1.24     GNU Project parser generator ( yacc replacement )
  chimera        1.65     chimera - X/Athena World-Wide Web Client
  dejagnu        1.3      DejaGnu, a framework for testing other programs
  dired          2.1      Directory Editor ( complied with C++, libg++ )
  dviljk         2.5      DVI to H-P Laser-Jet converter
  dvipsk         5.58f    DVI to PostScript converter
  elm	       2.4P24	elm mail program
  emacs	       19.30    emacs editor
  e93            1.2r6X   X11 multiple pages editor
  expect         5.22     performs programmed dialogue with interactive programs
  fileutils      3.16     GNU file management utilities
  findutils      4.1      GNU find, locate, and xargs
  flex           2.5.4    Fast lexical analyzer generator
  fping          1.20     send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts
  fvwm           2.0.42   Virtual Window Manager for X11, with desktops
  gawk           3.0.2    GNU awk  ( needed for bash )
  gcc  GNU C (gcc, c++, g++ ) compiler
  gdb	       4.15.1   GNU debuger.
  git            4.3.13   GNU interactive tool
  gmp            2.0.2    library for arithmetic
  gnudiff        2.7      GNU diff, diff3, sdiff, cmp
  gnuplot        3.5      Interactive plotting program
  gnuchess       4.0.pl77 GNU chess
  gopher         2.1.4b   Client to gopher document servers
  ghostscript    2.6.2    GNU Ghostscript interpreter/previewer (needs gs-fonts)
  ghostview      1.5      GNU PostScript documents viewer
  gs             3.33     GNU Ghostscript
  gzip           1.2.4    GNU zip, unzip, zcat              
  httpd          1.5      hypertext transfer protocol server (source only)
  httpd          1.5.1    hypertext transfer protocol server (source only)
  ImageMagick    3.8.1    Image viewer for many type: tiff, jpeg, ....
  irc            2.8.2    Internet Relay Chat
  ispell         4.0      Spelling correcting for file
  jed	       0.97.14  X11 jet editor  with cut, paste, search, replace...
  jetedit        1.33     "C" programmer's point and click editor
  jpeg           5b       Jpeg source library.
  kermit         5A(190)  Kermit file transfer, and terminal connection
  knews	       0.9.3	X news reader.
  knews          0.9.5    X news reader
  lclint         2.2a     lint-like tool for ANSI C
  less           290      file browser ( opposite of more )
                 321      file browser
  libg++         2.7.1    Libraries for GNU C++
  llnlxdir       2.0      UC Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory XDIR
  llnlxftp       2.1      UC Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Xftp
  lppbuild       1.0      packages generator in standard AIX installp format
  lsof	       3.62     List of opened files
  lynx           2-6    Info Browser for World Wide Web
  make           3.74     GNU make
  mc             3.0      Midnight Commander (like Norton Commander)
  mc             3.1.2    Midnight Commander  (like Norton Commander)
  mcard	       1.3      X11 cardfile.
  Mesa           2.1      Mesa 3-D graphics library
  monitor	       1.12     Display various monitored system info & processes
  mm             2.7      Meta mail
  mpack	       1.5	Mpack, Mupack base 63 encode/decoder.
  mpdist         3.3.2    X11 multiple print.               
  mpeg_play      2.0.1    MPEG-1 video streams player on X11.
  msql           1.0.7    msql database program             RISC
  ncftp          2.4.2    User interface to anonymous FTP
  ne             1.0      Nice editor with emacs look
  nedit          3.1.1    GUI style plain text editor for Xwindows/Motif
  nedit          4.0.1    GUI style plain text editor for Xwindows/Motif
  netpbm	       01MAR94	pbm, pgn, ... library
  nntp  Server/client code               RISC
  nslookup       5.42     Queries Internet name servers interactively
  oleo           1.6      GNU Spreadsheet for X11 ( 'ss' is better !.)
  perl           5.001m   An interpreted language
  perl           5.002    An interpreted language
  pidentd	       2.7a7    identd 
  pine           3.91     Simple interactive mail system
  plan	       1.6	interactive X/Motif calendar and day planner
  plotmtv        1.4.1    fast multi-purpose plotting program for X11-Windows
  pop3d	       1.00.4	Post Office mail server.
  pstree         1.4      shows ps listing in a tree.
  remind         3.0.13   Reminder service
  rcs	       5.7	change RCS file attributes
  rn             4.4.4    news reader (needs nntp.1.5.11)
  screen         3.7.2    Multiple login for modem user
  sed            2.05    Stream Editor
  sh-utils       1.16    shell programing utilities
  sharutils      4.2      share utilities
  slang	       		S-lang library needed for jed.
  ss             1.3.3    GNU Spreadsheet  ( prefered to oleo !.)
  stow           1.3.2    a program for managing the installation of software
  sysinfo        3.1.3    Display system information       RISC
  tcl            7.6p2    Embeddable scripting language
  tcsh           6.06     Super-set of csh allow emacs-like cmds
  texinfo        3.9      info, makeinfo, texindex, texi2dvi
  textutils      1.22     GNU text file processing utilities
  tgif           3.0-p13  Drawing tool and conversion.     RISC
  time           1.7      GNU time
  timex          1.97     displays a list of projects, with ellasped-time clock
  titrax         1.98     a manager for time lists
  tk	       4.2p2	Embeddable scripting language additional to tcl
  tin            1.22     Netnews reader
  transfig       3.1.2    plotting tool
  trn	       3.6	Turbo rn
  tvtwm          pl11     Virtual Tab Window Manager
  unzip          5.012e   list/test/extract from a ZIP archive file
  uudeview       0.4.13   Multiple uuencode/decoder.
  web2c          6.1      TeX proper (See TeX)
  wget	       1.4.4	Non-interactive network utility to
  			retrieve files from WWW
  Xarm           1.2.5    C++ wrapper fo Motif 
  xanim          2.70.1   X11 animations displayer
  xarchie        2.0.10   X11 browser interface to Archie
  xautolock      1.7p10   XLock
  xblackjack     2.1	X11 blackjack
  xbmbrowser     5.1	xbm viewer and browser.
  xboard         3.5.0	graphical chessboard
  xcalendar      4.0      Calendar with a notebook for X11
  xcmdpanel      1.3      Command panel utility for X
  xcoral         2.4      X editor with C func/C++ class browser and ...
  xcoral         2.5      X editor with C func/C++ class browser and ...
  xancur         1.6      Root cursor animation program for X
  xdaliclock     2.05     melting digital clock
  xearth         0.92     displays a shaded image of the Earth in the root window
  xed	       1.3	X11 Editor
  xemacs         19.13    X emacs
  xfig           3.1.3    Menu-driven tools for drawing under X11
  xfm            1.3.2    X file and applications manager
  xgetftp        2.0      X-based tool for browsing anonymous ftp sites
  xgopher        1.3.3    gopher client for the X window system
  xgrabsc        2.41     An X-Windows image grabber
  xinvest	       2.3.1	X11 investment porfolio tracking.
  xkeycaps       2.32     Graphically display/edit keyboard mappings
  xless          1.7      File browser for X11
  xloadimage     4.1      xloadimage, xsetbg, xview, uufilter
  xlock          3.3      Xlock, sccs, patchlevel 2.9
  xlockmore      4.01     Xlock
  xmaddressbook  1.5.2    X11 address book.
  xmailtool      3.1.2b   Mail tool under Xwindow.
  xmbase-grok    1.4      X11 Motif database
  xmgr           3.01pl3  Data/function plotting tool for Xwindow
  xmosaic	       2.7b1    NCSA Mosaic online document viewer / Xwindows
  xmon           1.5.4    An interactive X protocol Monitor
  xmorph         17jan97  X11 morph
  xmdiary        3.0.1    your personal organizer 
  xnetlib	       3.4	X11 interface to netlib.
  xpaint         2.4.7    X bitmap/pixmap editor
  xpm            3.4j     X Pixmap ( libXpm.a, sxpm - show pixmap program )
  xpdf           0.3       X11 pdf file reader.              RISC
  xrolodex       1.5.motif X11 rolodex motif
  xrn            8.02     News readers for X interface
  xsnow          1.39     Create a snowy and Santa-y desktop
  xsnow          1.40     Create a snowy and Santa-y desktop
  xspread        3.1.1    X interface of spreadsheet
  xsysstat       1.34     X11 system statistic plot.
  xtetris        2.6      X11 Tetris
  xv             3.10a    Image (GIF,JPEG,TIFF,PBM,PGM,PPM,PS,...) displayer
  xxgdb          1.12     GNU X window C Debugger          RISC
  zsh            3.0.2    Z shell

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