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Netscape anuncia Suporte a Linux

Colaboração: Rubens Queiroz de Almeida

Data de Publicação: 20 de Novembro de 1998

A Netscape anunciou planos de migrar toda a sua linha de servidores para a plataforma Linux. O artigo original, incluído nesta mensagem, encontra-se em

A seguir, a cópia do artigo original, em inglês:

  Netscape Announces Plans to Deliver Server Software for Linux Operating System 
  Linux Versions of Netscape Server Software to Provide
  ESPs and ISPs With Scalable Enterprise Solutions on
  Popular Open-Source Code Platform 
  MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (July 21, 1998) - Netscape
  Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: NSCP) today announced
  plans to deliver Netscape server software for Linux, a popular open
  source operating system that commands a strong market share in
  the enterprise and with Internet service providers. Specifically,
  Netscape plans to deliver Linux versions of its server software
  beginning with Netscape Messaging Server and Netscape Directory
  Server, adding Linux to the extensive list of operating systems on
  which Netscape offers its highly scalable software products.
  Additionally, Netscape announced that the currently available beta
  version of Netscape Communicator 4.5 client software for Linux is
  now the most popular of the UNIX platforms Netscape supports
  according to Netscape download data. 
  Developed collaboratively by the Internet community, Linux is an
  open source code version of the UNIX operating system that
  commands a strong share of the Internet service provider (ISP)
  market and is the fastest growing UNIX platform with enterprise
  service providers (ESPs) - Netscape's primary market for its server
  software. Netscape server software for Linux will provide high-end
  enterprise customers with the scalability and reliability of Netscape
  server software and the innovation and open standards support of
  "The popularity of Linux with both developers and enterprise
  customers validates the momentum the Internet open source code
  model can bring to product development," said Marc Andréessen,
  executive vice president of products at Netscape. "This
  announcement recognizes the strategic importance of Linux in the
  enterprise and further extends Netscape's cross-platform strategy
  to include this highly stable, high-performance platform." 
  According to International Data Corporation, Linux server software
  license shipments outgrew the overall server operating environment
  market as a whole between 1996 and 1997. This 20 percent
  growth rate gave Linux the number five position in this software
  market. Linux is also the fastest growing UNIX platform in the
  enterprise with an estimated 7 million users, according to Linux
  Online. Leading ISPs such as T-Online, the largest ISP in Europe,
  are using Linux, as well as other operating systems, to deliver ISP
  services to millions of customers. 
  "Companies today are re-orienting their business models in the face
  of increased competition on the Internet and are looking for new
  ways to enhance their supplier and distributor relationships," said
  John M. Paul, senior vice president and general manager of
  Netscape's server product division. "Netscape enterprise solutions
  on Linux will make it even easier for businesses to leverage existing
  investments to meet these imperatives by acting as ESPs and ISPs
  delivering core business applications as services online to their
  "As one of Linux's earliest supporters, Netscape has paved the way
  for the rest of the industry and today's announcement underscores
  their strong commitment to the Linux platform," said Gary Bloom,
  executive vice president of system products at Oracle Corporation.
  "The recent series of announcements from Netscape, Oracle and
  other vendors in support of Linux is the direct result of developer
  demand for a low cost, open standards alternative to Windows NT.
  An Internet-based platform is clearly the best alternative, which is
  why Linux is quickly becoming the leading choice around which to
  base enterprise systems." 
  Netscape Messaging Server is high-performance Internet
  messaging software that enables enterprises and ISPs to provide
  'mail-tone' quality messaging service to millions of employees,
  customers and partners simultaneously on the Internet and
  extranets. Netscape Directory Server provides rea-time directory
  and security services that enable centralized, low-cost management
  of a myriad of Internet applications deployed by ESPs and
  independent software companies. The products provide
  service-ready infrastructure that is ideal for companies competing in
  the Net Economy, where high performance, scalability, 24x7
  reliability and strong security that extends outside the enterprise are
  critical for success. 
  "Netscape's support for client and server software for Linux will
  help to drive Linux further into the enterprise and ISPs," said Robert
  Young, president of Red Hat Software, Inc. "Having Netscape
  Directory Server on the Linux OS is a significant step as it is the
  industry's leading commercially available directory server. Netscape
  Directory Server for Linux will provide critically important server
  features, including high-performance, scalability, 24x7 availability,
  and strong security to Linux OS users." 
  Netscape Messaging Server and Netscape Directory Server
  software for the Linux operating environment are expected to be
  available by Q1 1999. Linux is freely available on the Internet at
  several locations, including 
  Netscape Communications Corporation is a leading provider of
  open software and services for linking people and information over
  enterprise networks and the Internet. The company offers a full line
  of clients, servers, development tools, commercial applications and
  professional services to create a complete platform for
  next-generation, live online applications. Traded on NASDAQ under
  the symbol NSCP, Netscape Communications Corporation is based
  in Mountain View, California. 
  Netscape, Netscape Navigator, Netscape Certificate Server, Netscape FastTrack
  Server, Netscape ONE, SuiteSpot and the Netscape N and Ship's Wheel logos are
  registered trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation in the United States
  and other countries. Other Netscape logos, product names, and service names are
  also trademarks of Netscape Communications Corporation, which may be registered
  in other countries. 
  Additional information on Netscape Communications Corporation is
  available on the Internet at, by sending
  email to, or by calling 650/937-2555 for
  corporations or 650/937-3777 for individuals. 

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