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Clara OCR

Colaboração: Jose Roberto Rodrigues Leal

Data de Publicação: 27 de Setembro de 2001

O Clara OCR - http://www.claraocr.org - é um software para reconhecimento de caracteres desenvolvido por Ricardo Ueda Karpischeck, que tem como caracteristica rodar nos varios sabores do Unix, desde que usem X windows e suportem C.

A seguir incluo um pequeno trecho do FAQ encontrado no website do projeto. Não deixe também de visitar o website.

Clara differs from other OCR softwares in various aspects: 

1. Most known OCRs are non-free and Clara is free. Clara focus the X windows 
system. Clara offers batch processing, a web interface and supports 
cooperative revision effort. 

2. Most OCR softwares focus omnifont technology disregarding training. Clara 
does not implement omnifont techniques and concentrate on building 
specialized fonts (some day in the future, however, maybe we'll try 
classification techniques that do not require training). 

3. Most OCR softwares make the revision of the recognized text a process 
totally separated from the recognition. Clara pragmatically joins the two 
processes, and makes training and revision parts of one same thing. In fact, 
the OCR model implemented by Clara is an interactive effort where the usage 
of the heuristics alternates with revision and fine-tuning of the OCR, guided 
by the user experience and feeling. 

4. Clara allows to enter the transliteration of each pattern using an 
interface that displays a graphic cursor directly over the image of the 
scanned page, and builds and maintains a mapping between graphic symbols and 
their transliterations on the OCR output. This is a potentially useful 
mechanism for documentation systems, and a valuable tool for typists and 
reviewers. In fact, Clara OCR may be seen as a productivity tool for typists. 

5. Most OCR softwares are integrated to scanning tools offerring to the user 
an unified interface to execute all steps from scanning to recognition. Clara 
does not offer one such integrated interface, so you need a separate software 
(e.g. SANE) to perform scanning. 

6. Most OCR softwares expect the input to be a graphic file encoded in tiff 
or other formats. Clara supports only raw PBM. 

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